Physical energy flow accounts

Extraction of natural energy inputs

451 PJ
Gone up vs. previous year

Domestic production of energy products

1 095 PJ
Gone up vs. previous year

Domestic consumption of energy products

1 507 PJ
Gone up vs. previous year


Physical energy flow accounts (PEFA) describe energy flows (in terajoules) from the environment to the economy (energy extracted from nature), within the economy (energy products), and from the economy to the environment (energy residues).
The PEFA are a statistical framework that is conceptually embedded in the environmental economic accounts and thus fully compatible with the principles, concepts and classifications of the national accounts. This allows for a comparison of environmental and economic data. PEFA therefore complement traditional energy statistics, balances and derived indicators, which are the main reference data for EU energy policy. The PEFA are published annually for all of Austria and are based on data from own surveys as well as on administrative data.

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Natural energy inputs (chart)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Physical Energy Flow Accounts. Compiled on 16 May 2022.

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