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Wooded land

Forest area (without shrubland) – in hectares
3.89 mn
Gone up vs. previous inventory
Afforestation – in hectares
84.4 thousand
Gone up vs. previous inventory

Data on wooded land derives from the Farm Structure Survey (three times per decade) and the natural resources accounts of Austria’s forests (annually).

In accordance with national requirements, the Farm Structure Survey records all wooded land from all agricultural holdings surpassing the thresholds on which the survey is based.

The forest area balance accounts for the changes in wooded land at the beginning and at the end of a calendar year both in total area and in land value. A distinction between different asset types of wooded land derives from combining a land-use with a land-cover approach. In addition to the reporting on opening and closing stocks for said woodland assets, flow indicators accounting for changes in stocks (i.e. area) comprise afforestation and deforestation, including decreases deriving from extreme weather events such as forest fires, and reclassifications. Data is mainly sourced from the Austrian Forest Inventory.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Farm Structure Survey 2020. Compiled on 4 October 2022. – Pure forest holdings below 3 ha forest are not included.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Natural capital accounts for forests. Compiled on 19 May 2022. – Forest area without "other wooded land" (land with shrubs und bushes).

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