Horticulture and field vegetable

Area under horticultural use

1 891 ha
Sunk vs. 2015

Field vegetable cultivation area

16 379 ha
Gone up vs. 2015


The horticultural survey and the field vegetable survey, held simultaneously, aim to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and reliable statistics about the Austrian horticultural and field vegetable cultivation. The survey, which has its legal base in national regulations, supplies information about the structure of the holdings as well as the area and production of vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and nurseries. The data are collected via a questionnaire, which is posed directly to the horticultural and field vegetable holdings.

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Horticultural area 2020 – in hectares (chart)

S:STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey of horticulture and cultivation of field vegetables 2020. Compiled on 14 July 2022.

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