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Orchards (commercial fruit growing)

Orchards area
15 733 hectares
Gone up vs. 2007
Orchards holdings
3 909 holdings
Sunk vs. 2007
Organic orchards area
4 767 hectares
Organic share: 30%

Commercial fruit plantations (orchards) are agricultural areas, cultivated with fruit trees, where fruits are produced mainly for marketing purposes. The survey is based on an EU-Regulation and carried out every five years; it provides comprehensive data on the structure of certain fruit species within the Austrian commercial fruit sector. Aside from area, number and age of trees, also fruit varieties are an important part of the survey. The results also allow a detailed view on size classes and regional level (political districts). Furthermore, organic farming is covered. Commercial fruit farming is distinguished from extensive forms of agriculture (domestic gardens, mixed orchards) by its primarily commercial focus (> 50%) and, usually, regular distances between the plants and a level of care suited to the production of high-quality dessert fruit. The resulting data are not only a foundation for yield statistics, but also baseline data for the Supply Balance Sheets and the EAA.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Survey on fruit plantations 2017. Compiled on 25 January 2022.

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