Arable land, permanent grassland

Arable land area
1 319 765 hectares
Sunk vs. previous year
Cereals production
5 170 498 tonnes
Sunk vs. previous year
Oil seeds and pulses production
473 379 tonnes
Gone up vs. previous year

The survey on arable land and crop production including grassland is carried out every year. The main source for arable land is the yearly data of Agrarmarkt Austria – IACS funding applications, whereas grassland area is taken out of the most recent data of the Farm Structure Survey. Per hectare yields or production amounts stem from different sources, their main are: Agrarmarkt Austria – Yield survey, reports of voluntary harvest reporters and agricultural chambers as well as production data of producer organisations and other institutions.

First production-forecasts for arable land are published already in June, the final results normally are available in December of the actual year.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Crop production. Compiled on 23 February 2023. – Rounding differences not balanced.

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2022-12-21 file Cereal harvest 2022 on average level
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