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Furred game
Game shooting 2022/2023
636 187 pieces
Sunk vs. 2021/2022
Feathered game
Game shooting 2022/2023
104 624 pieces
Gone up vs. 2021/2022
Furred game
Game casualties 2022/2023
109 533 pieces
Sunk vs. 2021/2022

For the preparation of the nationwide hunting statistics, regional data on game shootings and wild animal losses (game casualties) of individual ground game and game bird species are collected annually via the responsible federal province offices, after being transferred by the district administration authorities or federal province hunting associations. However, not all hunted wild animal species are included in the survey, but only a certain selection of species, some of which are typical for individual federal provinces. In addition, general characteristics of hunting, such as structural information on hunting areas or information on groups of people associated with hunting, are requested at longer intervals. Hunting is regulated by federal province laws, which delimit the respective regional hunting year in different times (calendar year: Carinthia, Lower Austria, Salzburg, Vienna; 1 February–31 January: Burgenland; 1 April–31 March: Upper Austria, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg).

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, hunting statistics, federal province governments. Compiled on 12 October 2023.

Date Title PDF download
2023-10-12 file Slightly more game shot in the 2022/2023 hunting season
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2022-10-12 file More game shot and game losses in the 2021/2022 hunting season
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2024-10-11 calendar-alt Hunting 2023/2024
Agriculture and forestry / Animals, animal production / Hunting
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Agriculture and forestry / Animals, animal production / Hunting /

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