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Production of fish for human consumption
4 920 413 kg
Gone up vs. previous year
Production of fish eggs
32 920 614 pieces
Gone up vs. previous year
Production of juvenile fish
24 981 730 pieces
Gone up vs. previous year

For the Aquaculture Production Statistics, primary data are collected annually in the frame of a mandatory census. This census gathers information on the quantity of aquatic organisms sold (fish for consumption, crabs, shrimps), as well as spawn and juvenile fish. Furthermore, the questionnaire collects data on the companies' aquaculture production facilities. The legal base for the census is an EU-Regulation and its national implementation.

Aquaculture is the rearing or keeping of aquatic organisms (fish, crabs, shrimp) with the aim of increasing the production beyond the outcome of natural conditions by using appropriate techniques. The aquatic organisms remain the property of a natural or legal person. Aquaculture production means the quantity of fish produced under the above circumstances that has been sold. Quantities for self-supply, commercial goods (trade) and income from fishing are excluded.

The statistics are made public one year after the end of the production year.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Aquaculture production. Compiled on 16 December 2022.

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2022-12-16 file 4 920 tonnes of edible fish were produced in Austria in 2021
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2023-12-18 calendar-alt Aquaculture production 2022
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