Agricultural and forestry register

Active entities

272 654
Gone up vs. previous year

New entities

6 085
Gone up vs. previous year

Farmer changes

9 854
Gone up vs. previous year


All agricultural and/or forestry holdings in Austria are covered by the Agricultural and Forestry Register (LFR). It thus represents the population for all agricultural statistical surveys, which is why the complete recording of all farms and the up-to-dateness of the baseline data, such as the owner and the address, are of great importance.

Each unit stored in the LFR has a unique identification number, the so-called LFBIS holding number, which is assigned and maintained by Statistics Austria. The LFR is maintained on an ongoing basis using the available administrative data and information from agricultural statistical surveys. The administrative data used is data from Agrarmarkt Austria, the social insurance institution for the self-employed, etc.

Information on applying for an LFBIS holding number and the application form can be found under the following link: LFBIS holding number (.pdf)

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Number of farmer changes and new entities monthly in 2021 (table)

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