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Organic farming

Organic farming holdings
24 809 holdings
Gone up vs. 2010
Organically farmed agricultural area
682 345 ha
Gone up vs. 2010
Share of organic farms in agricultural holdings
share: 22%
Gone up vs. 2010

The Farm Structure Survey collects data on the structure and production methods of agricultural and forestry holdings, including information on holdings operating according to organic standards and applying organic farming production methods, specifically their number, structure, area and livestock.

According to EU legislation, a census is conducted every ten years, with sample surveys at three- or four-year intervals in between. All agricultural and forestry holdings meeting the legislation's minimum requirements must participate. Relevant available administrative data sources are used, and complemented with questionnaires.

For the census, regional data are available – partially at the municipality level. In survey years, the smallest geographical unit available is that of the federal province.

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Farm Structure Survey. Compiled on 12 July 2022.

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Last updated on 2024-01-29.
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