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The ITGS (International Trade in Goods Statistics) tool is a fee-based application that can be used to analyse foreign trade statistics data.

Austria's monthly international trade in Goods statistics (ITGS) covers imports and exports of movable goods, including electricity. The international trade statistics is based on data from the INTRASTAT (cross-border goods transactions within the EU) and EXTRASTAT (cross-border goods transactions with non-EU countries) survey systems. Trade in goods is recorded according to the special trade system. Statistics Austria evaluates and publishes the results of Austria's international trade statistics according to a national concept. For more detailed information on the basic principles of national trade statistics, please refer to the most recent version of the standard documentation or visit our website.

The previous version of the ITGS tool was the DVD "International Trade in Goods Statistics of Austria".
The ITGS tool includes in the "monthly data" the individual reporting months of the most recently finalised reporting year as well as the reporting months following this reporting year that have not been finalised yet, thus providing users with up-to-date and convenient access to the data as well as individual evaluations and analyses.
In the case of the "annual data sets", a time series of 6 consecutive reporting years, each of which is final, is offered.
As with its predecessor, this is a fee-based tool. With the implementation of the ITGS tool beginning with the 2023 reporting year, the old physical DVD has been replaced by a more modern and customer-friendly database system, although the data content itself has not changed.


Manual ITGS-Tool
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