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Index calculator and other calculators

Statistics Austria provides online calculators here. For escalation calculations of any kind, please use the index calculator (as a simple index calculator or threshold value calculator). If you are interested in a personal inflation rate calculation, please use the personal inflation calculator.

The index calculator (available in German only) allows you to carry out escalations yourself. Please note, however, that this service is for calculations only. Legal issues and ambiguities (e.g. whether a contract or rental costs comply with current legislation) cannot be answered in conjunction with the index calculator. Neither is it possible to provide any information regarding how long or indeed whether valorised amounts may be applied retrospectively. Please consult a lawyer, notary or a consumer organisation for further advice on these issues.

To use the index calculator, first choose between Verbraucherpreisindex, Baukostenindex, Baupreisindex or Tariflohnindex. Then select either the index calculator or the threshold index calculator.

  • Index calculator: Select the index series (e.g. Consumer Price Index 1986), the base month and the comparison month in the relevant boxes. Next enter the amount (value) in euros or schillings and then click the “Berechnen” (means calculate) button to determine the valorised amount.
  • Threshold index calculator: Here you can carry out threshold index calculations (e.g. up to 5% is disregarded) automatically by selecting the index series (e.g. Consumer Price Index 1986) and the base month in the relevant boxes, entering the amount (value) in euros or schillings and the percentage or threshold value and then clicking the relevant box for reaching or exceeding this threshold. Next click the “Berechnung” (means calculate) button to automatically calculate the individual percentage thresholds with the given monetary amounts.

Please consult our German Website for tables containing further information.

With the personal inflation calculator you can calculate an inflation rate for your personal expenditure pattern and compare it with the national inflation rate.

The personal inflation calculator may be used for informational purposes only. The personal inflation rate is not an official indicator published by Statistics Austria and cannot be used for any contractual indexation (see index calculator). It should be noted that all claims against Statistics Austria of whatever type and based on whatever legal ground regarding the results of this tool have to be rejected.

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Last updated on 2022-06-02.
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