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Transparency Database – Evaluations

The Austrian Transparency Portal is an e-government service providing a subsidy system for use by citizens, businesses and public administration. The Transparency Portal provides standardized information on all subsidies offered nationwide by the federal and provincial government, lists detailed information on other potential subsidies, and it offers a query option for personally received benefits. All reported subsidies are saved in the Transparency Database.

Evaluations based on § 34 Transparenzdatenbankgesetz 2012 (TDBG)

The „Transparenzdatenbankgesetz 2012“ is the legal basis for the Transparency Database. Among other things, it regulates evaluations based on the Transparency Database, which have to be carried out by Statistics Austria.

Main Results

Evaluations from the Transparency Database, reference year 2021, October 2022.

Last updated on 2023-02-15.
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