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Data within the frameowrk of SDDS+ 

Statistics Austria provides the International Monetary Fund monetary Fund with data on important economic policy indicators as part of the SDDS-Plus "Special Data Dissemination Standard".

In accordance with this standard, all member states make data available to the IMF in both presentable and machine-readable form (SDMX). The data are as well part of the  National Summary Page of the IMF for Austria,

In the table below you will find the links to the respective data and the SDMX files. 

SDDS -Component Link to Data presentrations Link to SDMX
Production Index Data SDMX
Consumer Price Index Data SDMX
Producer Price Index Data


General Government Operations Data SDMX
General Government Gross Debt Data SDMX
Earnings Data SDMX
Merchandise Trade   Data SDMX
Population Data SDMX
Last updated on 2024-01-26.
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