Response Burden Barometer

Response Burden Barometer
in Hours
757 230
Sunk -12.1%

The measurement of response burden started in 2001. Since then, Statistics Austria has succeeded in reducing the time required by Austrian enterprises to complete the questionnaires by 12.1% - despite the fact that additional surveys have been included since 2001. In 2021, 48 282 companies out of a total of around 502 500 companies were required to report to one or more Statistics Austria surveys, 295 more than in the previous year. Small businesses are predominantly released from reporting obligations because of cut-off values. Therefore, response burden is concentrated for larger enterprises. 57.0% of all enterprises with reporting obligations had reporting obligations for one survey only, 24.9% for two and 18.1% for three or more. The time required by Austrian companies to fill in the questionnaires from Statistics Austria was around 757 230 hours in 2021 and thus around 2.5% above the value of 2020.



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