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Regional statistics


The offered range of regional data includes data packages based on regional statistical grid units, various regional breakdowns or as customer-defined polygons. In addition, information is published in the "The municipality in figures" brochure. Geodata of all spatial divisions is made available in the Portal (available in German only).

Regional statistical grid units

Regional statistical grid units are placed over the entire territory of Austria. The grids are independent of administrative boundaries and therefore allow a more objective delineation of areas. Because of their small scale, spatial distributions can be more easily identified. A detailed list of packages and characteristics can be found in the metadata catalogue


Regional grid data in STATatlas

Regional statistical grid units in STATatlas

Further information

Data and fees (.pdf)

Sample data – grid size 10 km (.zip)

Metadata catalogue

Regional data packages

Regional data packages are made available for various regional breakdowns (e.g. census districts, postcodes).


Regional data in STATatlas

Regional units in STATatlas

Further information

Data and fees (.pdf)

Sample data (.zip)

Customer defined polygons

Statistics Austria provides aggregated data for customer defined polygons. Georeferenced point data is used as basis for these aggregations independently from administrative boundaries.

Further information

Data and fees (.pdf)

The municipality in figures

"The municipality in figures" is a regional information brochure containing tables and graphs for a specific municipality. Included is a comprehensive comparison of the selected municipality with the political district or federal province in which it is located. The structure of each of these characteristics is shown in updated form. The datasheets are available online free of charge: Blick-Online (available in German only).


Regional classifications, such as administrative breakdowns (e.g. municipal boundaries, political districts) as well as functional divisions (e.g. census districts, settlement units) are required to create statistics. This geodata, which can be used for the analysis and presentation of statistical information, is made available via Statistics Austria's portal (available in German only).

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Last updated on 2024-01-01.
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