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Climate bonus (Klimabonus)

Regional staggering of the climate bonus

The classification of municipalities for the payment of the climate bonus (Klimabonus) was carried out by Statistics Austria in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) on the basis of the urban-rural typology (German version) and the public transport quality classes of the ÖROK and BMK (available in German language only). (A detailed description of the methodology in German can be found here.)

The urban-rural typology is primarily based on factors such as population and employment density. The existence of high schools, hospitals and district authorities plays a role in defining regional centres. The classification of municipalities outside of urban and regional centres was based on commuting connections (residential municipality – working municipality, but without taking transport routes into account). According to the specifications by the Federal Ministries no further infrastructure facilities were included in the classification.


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Last updated on 2023-07-20.
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