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Migration and Integration 2024

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Published: 07/2024
Periodicity: annually

For around 15 years, the Statistical Yearbook “Migration & Integration“ has presented an annual survey of figures, data and facts on the various dimensions of integration and migration. This is based on the 25 indicators defined in the National Action Plan “Integration“, which are presented by Statistics Austria in statistical form and - where possible - supplemented by other relevant data and findings. To this end, existing statistics on various topics relating to immigrants and their descendants are processed and analyzed.

In addition to the results of the official statistics, further integration-relevant and migration-related information was examined in 2024 as part of an extended migration survey. Selected groups of the immigrant population as well as those born in Austria were included in the survey. Meaningful analyses and comparisons over several years make changes visible and provide well-founded insights into the course of integration processes.

The publication is available in German only. The publication can be picked up free of charge from Statistics Austria‘s information service or can be ordered for shipping costs.

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Last updated on 2024-07-08.
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