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Education in figures 2022/23 – Volume of tables

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Published: 05/2024
Periodicity: annually

This volume of tables, part of the publication Bildung in Zahlen (Education in figures), supplements the "Key indicators and analyses" volume and provides, comprehensive and detailed information on the school and university systems as well as key data on educational attainment of the resident population and on government expenditure on education.

The publication contains data on the number of schools, classes, pupils, students, graduations and teaching staff in Austria. Survey results are presented by all key personal and training-related characteristics and are also broken down regionally. Long-term time series give a quantitative picture of the development of the Austrian education system.

This publication gives an overview of the entire formal education system in a brochure, and replaces since the reporting year 2006/07 the publications Schulwesen in Österreich (The school system in Austria) and Hochschulstatistik (University statistics), which were previously published in separate series.

The publication is available in German only.

Last updated on 2024-06-20.
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