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People with disabilities in Austria I

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Published: 05/2024
Periodicity: occasionally

This publication constitutes the first interim report of the pilot project “Development of a data infrastructure for regular statistics on disability and participation” commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK).

Results from four different surveys are presented, namely:

  • from the 2022 Microcensus (as national implementation of the Labor Force Survey in Austria LFS),
  • from the 2019 Health Survey (as national implementation of the European Health Interview Survey EHIS),
  • from the 2022 EU-SILC Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, and
  • from the crisis impact survey “How we are today” (4th quarter 2021 through 4th quarter 2022).

The report sheds light on the living situation of people with disabilities in relation to various topics and areas of life, including work, housing conditions, social consequences of current crises, health as well as quality of life. The analyses are based on the GALI question, which was asked in all four surveys and is used as a proxy variable for disability by Eurostat.

This publication is available in German only.

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