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Austria.Data.Figures.Facts 2023/24

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Published: 03/2024
Periodicity: annually

“Austria. Data. Figures. Facts” gives an insight into the living conditions of the people in our country.

Based on scientifically high-quality statistics and analyses, Statistics Austria draws a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and economy. With its figures and data, Statistics Austria provides the basis for a fact-oriented public debate, empirical research and evidence-based decisions in society, politics and the economy, for example on the challenges and choices in education, social and economic policy or on the sustainable design and financing of health, care and pensions against the background of demographic change.
“Austria. Figures. Data. Facts” is now available in its nineteenth edition. Findings and statistics from economy and society provide information on a wide variety of subjects like: population, education, employment and the job market, the economy, science and technology, tourism, environment, traffic and other topics. A separate section displays characteristics of the nine federal provinces.

You can retrieve or order the booklet at our information service free of charge (forwarding charges to be paid by the person ordering). If you retrieve or order more than 20 copies, 1 euro per booklet will be charged.

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