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Time Use Survey 2021/22

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Published: 12/2023
Periodicity: one-time-only

The results of the Time Use Survey (TUS) provide politicians, scientists and the general public with basic information on how much time people in Austria spend on sleeping, eating, employment or studies, unpaid work, sport, leisure and culture.

How is unpaid work distributed between women and men? Who takes on childcare, care work or housework in Austrian households?

The Time Use Survey 2021/22 was conducted by Statistics Austria on behalf of the Federal Minister for Women, Family, Integration and Media. In the course of the survey, a household questionnaire was completed by each of the 4 342 households that participated, as well as a personal questionnaire by each person over 10 years of age living in the household and a time use diary on two days. In the diaries, all activities were documented in 10-minute units.

The publication is available in German only.

Last updated on 2024-06-20.
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