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Statistische Nachrichten October 2023

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Published: 10/2023
Periodicity: monthly

The monthly published „Statistische Nachrichten“ present the latest results from all areas of official statistics and provide important basic information on the economy and society in Austria.

Experts from Statistics Austria introduce the latest available figures from all areas of official statistics. Tables - supplemented by graphs and cartograms - are commented on in detail in terms of methodology and content, and placed in context. The provision of detailed meta-information facilitates the interpretation of the statistical data offered as well as the exploitation of the full information content and enables a better quality assessment.

Regular reports provide ongoing information on the latest economic developments. Furthermore, scientific-analytical contributions are offered for the interested reader from the field of science and research.

The publication is available in German only, but each artice includes a short summary in English.

Contents in October 2023:

  • Demographic structures and trends in the year 2022
  • Austrian life table 2020/2022
  • Austrian international trade in goods in the first half of 2023 – Preliminary results with special topic "reduction of asymmetries in intra-EU-trade"
  • Consumer price index of August 2023
  • Driving licences and driving authorisations 2022
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