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ICT-Usage in enterprises 2022

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Published: 07/2023
Periodicity: annually

This publication presents the results of the survey on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in enterprises 2022. Enterprises with ten or more employees in selected industries were surveyed by Statistics Austria for the 22nd time as part of this European harmonized survey.

The use of ICT offers enterprises numerous advantages, not only during the pandemic. For instance, enterprises are able to sell goods or services around the clock via e-commerce, they may cut business travel costs through online-meetings or recruit employees internationally because remote access has enabled employees to work remotely. In order to benefit from these advantages, enterprises require individuals who take care of the planning, programming, implementation, configuration, evaluation and support of the ICT system – may it be in-house ICT specialists, other employees or external service providers. Having the competitive advantage of European enterprises in mind, the European Commission is therefore interested if and to what extent enterprises are already using ICT technologies. The 2022 publication thus focuses on the topics of "e-commerce sales", "online meetings", "remote access", "ICT specialists" and "ICT function".

The publication is available in German only.

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