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Turnover tax statistics 2020

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Published: 07/2023
Periodicity: annually

The turnover of the Austrian economy by economic sector provides an overview of the structure and dynamics of economic activity in Austria.

This publication provides detailed information on the number of companies assessed, taxable and non-taxable turnover (including the given reasons for exemption), turnover subject to tax by tax rates, deductible input tax and the balance of tax payable/credit. Further information is provided by data shown by legal forms, economic sectors and levels of taxable turnover. The data is broken down regionally at a number of levels, from federal provinces to EU-defined NUTS units down to political districts, thus enabling conclusions to be drawn concerning regional economies.

The detailed results are derived from the data from the 2020 turnover tax assessment, which the Federal Ministry of Finance made available to Statistics Austria for evaluation purposes.

This publication is available in German only.

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