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Education in Figures 2021/22 – Key Indicators and Analyses

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Published: 05/2023
Periodicity: annually

Education in Figures 2021/22 provides a comprehensive overview of the educational situation in Austria. Selected educational indicators with short analytical background texts provide information on different educational areas such as school and university systems, adult education, educational pathways, the level of education and government spending on education.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected numerous areas of life in 2021/22 and thus left its traces on education. Characteristics of the educational situation in the nine federal states can be found in a separate chapter. In addition to this, a separate volume of tables offers extensive detailed data from the fields of school and university statistics and additional key data on the educational level of the resident population and on state education expenditure.

With this publication, Statistics Austria continues the series on education statistics.

This publication is available in German only.

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