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Demographic Yearbook 2021

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Published: 03/2023
Periodicity: annually

The "Demographic Yearbook" presents the current figures on population size, population structure and population development with all demographically relevant factors at regional level. Data on births, deaths, marriages, registered partnerships, divorces, naturalisations and migrations as well as the structural framework of the population are basic data of every society. In addition to the results of the latest population forecast, the development of the individual demographic components is presented in extensive time series since the 1870s.

The print version of this publication includes the main results of Austria's demographic development at the national level as well as for the federal provinces. It also contains analytical reports on all sub-areas of demography as well as a systematic overview of demographic development for political districts and municipalities. The download version of the publication, which is subject to a charge, also includes a large number of in-depth tables (not printed in the publication) on all sub-areas of demography.

This publication is available in German only but contains an English summary.

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