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Statistical Yearbook of Austria 2023

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Published: 12/2022
Periodicity: annually

As a comprehensive reference work of official statistics, the Statistical Yearbook of Austria provides basic national statistical information on demographics, social and economic structures and developments. The international section enables comparisons with countries and regions worldwide. The tabular presentations are often supplemented by graphics, which allow a quick and descriptive overview. The results of the Statistical Yearbook mostly refer to the reference year 2021, but 2022 data are also included in case they were available at the time of the editorial deadline.

In accordance with its goal of providing comprehensive statistical information, the Austrian Statistical Yearbook not only contains the results of Statistics Austria´s own surveys and calculations, but also includes data from other organizations, like administrative departments, interest groups or scientific institutions. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all these institutions for their contributions.

This publication is only available in German.


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