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Input-Output-Table 2016

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Published: 01/2020
Periodicity: annually

The tables of the input-output system offer the most detailed portrait of an economy. They provide a detailed analysis of the process of production, the supply and use of goods and services and the income generated in that production. This publication presents supply and use tables and symmetric input-output tables for the year 2015. The tables are fully in line with the concepts of the European System of Accounts (ESA) 2010.

The supply and use tables are broken down into 74 activities and 74 products of the classifications ÖNACE and ÖCPA 2008. Supply and use of products are valued at basic and at purchasers’ prices. The use table contains also data on the components of value added and on employment. A special table provides data on the use of imported products.

Symmetric input-output tables are published for total product flows as well as separately for domestic products and for imports in a breakdown of 74-by-74 products. They were derived by the product technology assumption and constitute the basis for the calculation of input-output multipliers.

Additional matrices are provided on CD-ROM: import matrices for EU- and non-EU imports, valuation matrices, gross fixed capital formation by product and investing branch and household consumption expenditure in an ÖCPA-by-COICOP matrix.

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