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Cultural Statistics 2020

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Published: 09/2022
Periodicity: annually

Based on high-quality scientific statistics and analyses, Statistics Austria draws a comprehensive and objective picture of Austrian society and the economy. With its figures and data, Statistics Austria provides the basis for a fact-oriented public debate, empirical research and evidence-based decisions in society, politics and the economy, for example on the challenges and policy measures in the labour market as well as in social and economic policy or on the sustainable financing of health care and pensions against the background of demographic change.

The Culture Statistics 2020 provide information on the diverse range of offers and participation in culture and give an overview of public funding for culture and various aspects of the cultural industries.

Thematic coverage ranges from cultural heritage to the arts to the media and includes cross-cutting issues such as education and training. In addition to surveys by Statistics Austria itself, a large number of secondary sources were used, which, among other things, allow the economic significance of the cultural sector to be estimated. The presentation is based on a system of cultural promotion (LIKUS). At the same time, it contains points of contact for European comparisons.

All publication tables are accessible in its latest version on the website, where the results have been published from December 2021 onward. Additionally, published tables of former years are available for download, too.

This publication is available in German only.

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