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Statistics of motor vehicles; Reference day: 31 December 2021

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Published: 05/2022
Periodicity: annually

This publication contains structural data on the stock of all vehicles registered for circulation (motor vehicles and trailers) as of December 31, 2021. A time series since 1931 with important key data, a methodological section with the most important terms and definitions, as well as a section with graphs help to better understand the results. Data on passenger cars, motorcycles, scooters, motor tri- and quadricycles, omnibuses, lorries, articulated lorries, tractors used for agriculture and forestry, driveable work machines, harvesters and campers are presented in the table section down to the level of the federal states, where this is statistically meaningful and possible.

Together with the monthly publications of vehicle new registrations, this annual publication of the vehicle stock forms an important data basis for the preparation of comprehensive analyses on the motor vehicle industry and the motor vehicle trade, as well as for future planning on this important sector of the Austrian economy. In addition, the data represent an important indicator of overall economic development.

This publication is available in German language only.

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