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Yearbook of Health Statistics 2020

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Published: 04/2022
Periodicity: annually

Based on high-quality statistics and analyses, Statistic Austria draws a comprehensive and objective picture of Austria’s society and economy. With its figures and data, Statistics Austria provides the basis for fact-oriented public debate, empirical research and evidence-based decisions in society, politics and the economy, for example on the challenges and course to be set in the labour market, in social and economic policy or on sustainable funding of health, care and pensions in view of the demographic change.The Yearbook of Health Statistics, which has been published since 1957, offers a well-founded empirical inventory of the state of health and health care of the Austrian population. Health statistics thus make an essential contribution to the identification of health policy options for action, as well as to the planning and implementation of needs-oriented health promotion and health care in Austria.

This publication covers a broad spectrum of information, ranging from fertility rates and medical characteristics of births to mortality and causes of death, and also includes demographic data relevant to the health care system. Indicators on the health status of the population include information on hospitalisation, cancer incidence, notifiable diseases, positional outcomes and sickness rates. Topics relevant to insurance law are pensions for reduced working capacity or permanent disability and accidents at work.

Finally, annual figures on health expenditure, the facilities of the Austrian health care system, health care personnel and training in health care professions represent indicators of health care provision. Further information can be found on Statistics Austria’s website.

The publication is available in German only but contains an English summary.

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