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Census 2011 - Austria

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Published: 11/2013
Periodicity: every 10 years

The 2011 census marks a turning point in the long history of population censuses
in Austria. For the first time, no use was made of conventional questionnaires filled
in by the population. Instead, the 2011 census  consisting of a population census,
a census of enterprises and their local units of employment, and a housing census
 was conducted as a register-based census. Therefore, existing register and
administrative data that is already kept up-to-date for other purposes was linked
and evaluated in anonymised form while taking full account of data protection
The great strength of a full survey, as conducted every ten years for the census,
is the comprehensive and nationally comparable regional data. This publication,
Census 2011 Austria, presents an overview of key results on demography, family
and households, education, labour force statistics, commuter destination statistics,
enterprises and local units of employment, and buildings and dwellings for the entire
federal territory.
This publication can of course include only a selection of the comprehensive data
and results of the register-based census. More information can be found on our
website (where this publication is also available for download), in
the STATcube statistical database and in a wide range of German-language publications.

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