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Scientific Use Files

Statistics Austria provides selected anonymised microdata of official statistics as standardised data sets (SDS) and as task-specific data sets (ADS) for use in scientific research and education. In the sense of statistical secrecy and as a measure of data protection, the data are anonymised so that a direct or indirect identification of a concrete individual case is de facto impossible.

SDS can be downloaded for your own purposes after registration and activation. Registration is necessary in order to maintain an overview of users and to be able to receive feedback if necessary. By registering, users also agree to the terms of use. Some data sets are also offered as an anonymised complete data set. This is indicated with the individual data sets.

We compile SDS according to your wishes and requirements; to do this, we need your information, which you provide to us in the form provided for this purpose.

A large part of the SDS is available free of charge. ADSs are compiled specifically according to the needs of the users and are subject to a charge, whereby the costs are calculated for each individual case - depending on the data set requested and the amount of work involved.

Last updated on 2024-03-07.
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