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Consumer health information system (VIS)

The Consumer Health Information System (VIS) is the central instrument to support the veterinary and food safety authority in fulfilling their tasks. The legal basis for the management of this system are, on the one hand, the European requirements within the framework of the Animal Health Law (AHL) and, on the other hand, the Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG) and the Animal Diseases Act (TSG). The VIS contains elements along the food chain, from primary producers, through the various processing areas, to trade. Information regarding their scope of activity, livestock data and animal movements, inspections and examinations including their results, official requests or slaughter information are some of the important data included in the VIS.

These extensively interlinked data are the prerequisite for many official actions and their documentation as well as the basis for specific evaluations.
Detailed information, especially how to report activities and applications for owners, can be found on the VIS homepage.

Last updated on 2022-06-02.
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