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Type of subscriptions and costs

There are the following subscriptions available:

Period Data volume (values)   Price
14 days 100 000 EUR 53.00
92 days (3 months) 1 500 000 EUR 263.00
366 days (1 year) 6 000 000 EUR 840.00
1 098 days (3 years) 18 000 000 EUR 2 520.00

For detailed information please read our Customer Information and Terms of Use.

Before you choose a subscription please check in the free Guest -mode if the data you are looking for are available in the Subscription mode (once you have built the table you need, the data will show the text “ABO” instead of values and there will be a footnote “Subscription”).

Please find more information about the issues Subscription and Portal in our FAQs.


Information about how to subscribe and to register for STATcube you may find at 4 easy steps to subscribe (PDF, 584 KB).

Please read our Customer Information for more details about how to order.

Order / Registration / Renewal: all about the order of a subscription, the Registration as a Portal-User and the Renewal of a subscription.


For information about the right of withdrawal and the withdrawal form please see the respective link.

Last updated on 2023-08-10.
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