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Subscription access

A STATcube-subscription provides access to more detailed data and additional features not available with the free guest access.
As a subscriber, you are also able to store queries on your own probably for a later reuse.

Before you choose a subscription please check in free access (free guest-mode) if the data you are looking for are available in the subscription mode (once you have built the table you need, the data will show the text “ABO” instead of values and there will be a footnote “subscription”).

The following STATcube-subscriptions are available:

Period Data volume (values)   Price
14 days (2 weeks)  100 000 Euro 57.00
92 days (3 months) 1 500 000 Euro 282.00
366 days (1 year) 6 000 000 Euro 901.00
1 098 days (3 years) 18 000 000 Euro 2 701.00

Detailed information about conditions and procedure concerning STATcube-subscriptions can be found in our customer information.

Conditions for using STATcube-subscriptions can be found in our terms of use.

Before you choose a subscription please check in the free guest-mode if the data you are looking for are available in the subscription mode (once you have built the table you need, the data will show the text “ABO” instead of values and there will be a footnote “subscription”).

Set up a user account for STATcube: Registration form

Registered Login / Subscription Login: Portal Login

Guest Login: Login

Our STATcube folder (PDF, 378 KB) allows a quick overview of the functionalities of STATcube and the subscription mode.

Please read our customer information as well as our terms of use for more details about how to order.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as more specific information can be found in our FAQs (PDF, 207 KB)

Click here to open the order form for STATcube-subscriptions with payment obligation.

First-time order Prolongation and revewal, respectively with identified user

Information about how to subscribe and to register for STATcube is avaible within: 

For STATcube-subscriptions there is no automatic renewal.
You have to order in the same way as you did for the first time, but you need not register anymore if you use the same login parameter (e-mail-address):

  • Fill in the  order form for STATcube-subscription
  • After payment you get a confirmation e-mail with the new product key
  • Attention: there is no need of a new registration, once you are registered in the portal
  • Just login as usual with your login credentials and type in the new product key
  • The period of validity starts with the activation of the product key


You can pay by credit card or by direct debit.

  • Payment by direct debit is only possible if you own an account at an Austrian bank in combination with an Austrian address
  • For the first order the limit for direct debit is usually EUR 1 000.00
  • For the order by credit card the limit depends on the credit card owner’s limit
  • For information about the right of withdrawal please see the respective link


Open Data Application Programming Interface (API)

STATcube offers the possibility to access data cubes automatically. With the help of an API call, STATcube data can be queried and automatically processed. It is thus possible to obtain data from STATcube with self-created programs, regardless of the selected programming language.

In order to be able to send an automated query to STATcube, an API key is required, which is available to all subscribers.

  • Information on the STATcube subscription offer can be found here.

The technical description of the software manufacturer's Open Data API can be found here:

The base-address for the service is:

Please note: In order to get a response from the interface, the base-address must be combined with a REST endpoint as specified in the technical description e.g. "base-address/table"

To help you get started with the automated queries, you can find an add-on package “STATcubeR” for the free software environment for statistical computing R. Online documentation for this package is available as well on GitHub:

Please note: This service is only available to users with a valid subscription contract.

Last updated on 2024-02-15.
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