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STATcube is the statistical database system of Statistics Austria.

The statistical database STATcube allows the processing of a large amount of data, generating and exporting tables in different formats according to your individual needs.
Data will be arranged as elements of a multi-dimensional cube. The dimensions within a cube connect the data and provide easy access by different points of view.

STATcube contains the full range of data offered by Statistics Austria.

Function comparison Guest Registered Registered with
Access to free data yes yes yes
Data download yes yes yes
Size limit table selection (before query) 1) 25 000 25 000 500 000
Size limit table retrieval 2) 10 000 10 000 200 000
Possibility to store query tables and groups no yes yes
Extended range of data no no yes
Larger tables no no yes
More detailed classifications 3) no no yes
Additional fields 3) no no yes
API usage no no yes

1) overall limit for table selection / table building (confidential cells and summations are counted)
2) overall limit for table retrieval; the counting depends on the number of cells occupied with cell values unequal zero (confidential cells and summations are not counted)
3) depending on the data matter

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Our STATcube folder (PDF, 378 KB) allows a quick overview of the functionalities of STATcube and the subscription mode.

Last updated on 2024-02-15.
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