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Catalogue of research institutions

The Catalogue of research institutions (CRI) contains information on all research institutions of the latest survey on research and experimental development (R&D survey), where the heads of the institutions consented to the publication of their contact information. The CRI aims at providing information on Austrian research institutions and facilitating the establishment of contacts with stakeholders of the Austrian research community.

The Austrian Fields of Science and Technology Classification (OEFOS 2012) is the Austrian version of the revised international Fields of Science and Technology Classification of the OECD (FOS), published in the Frascati Manual 2015 as "Fields of Research and Development" (FORD). It is the standard classification applied to units of all sectors covered in the R&D survey except for units of the company R&D sub-sector. For all those institutions, research area, which serve as a description of their main scientific activities, are available.

Units of the company R&D sub-sector are classified by the Austrian Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (OENACE).

Last updated on 2024-04-26.
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