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Access and technical information

Access to the energy performance certificate database

Access to the energy performance certificate database (EPCDB) is possible either via a federal province database or – if the federal province does not have its own database (Upper Austria) – via the Business Service Portal (USP). Using the USP also requires a registration in the USP.

If you are already registered in the USP, please check if you have already been assigned the application. If you do not have access yet, we request a short e-mail with: Company name, name of the managing director, address and company registration number or UID to We will inform you as soon as the activation is completed.

Attention: Energy performance certificates for objects in federal provinces with own federal province databases cannot be registered directly in the EPCDB. The registration must be done in the database of the federal province. The energy performance certificate entered there is subsequently transmitted to the EPCDB.

Direct access

Access to the Energy Performance Certificate Database (EPCDB) is possible either via the Business Service Portal (USP) or, in the case of local authorities, via a user portal integrated into the portal network. The roles and rights of the users are managed in these portals.

The EPCDB is set up as a separate database connected to the ABDR. To use the EPCDB, it is necessary to have a role and access rights set up for the ABDR as well as a role and access rights for the EPCDB. The EPCDB and the ABDR are two separate applications with separate roles and rights systems. This means that access to two applications must be requested from the portal operator. To ensure a correct connection to the ABDR, the URL for the production version and the URL eadb.test for the test version have to be integrated in the user portals.

Roles and rights

The EPCDB has its own rights and role system, which regulates the rights of the users, such as read and/or write access to data fields or menu options.

Information for portal operators

In order for a base portal to be allowed to access the Statistics Austria (STAT) application portal, the following information must be sent to in advance.

If the base portal certificate was not issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the base certificate must also be submitted.

All information for base portal operators on the Statistics Austria user portal and the ABDR application is available via the portal.

XML interface

The transmission of data from calculation programs or federal province databases to the EPCDB is possible via web services. All information on the connection via web services (program-program connection) is provided by Statistics Austria.

available in German language only

Last updated on 2023-10-31.
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