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The Federal Energy Efficiency Act (Federal Law Gazette I No. 72/2014) legally obliges the federal government, to implement energy efficiency measures on federal buildings. As a prerequisite and basis for the planning and implementation of appropriate measures, it was decided to store the stock of federal buildings – including those buildings or parts of buildings used by the federal government – as well as additional information regarding these buildings in the Federal Building Database (FBDB).

Federal Building Database (FBDB)

The Federal Building Database was set up as an integrated part of the Buildings and Dwellings Register (BDR) and the application Address-BDR-Online was adapted for the new requirements. This grant Address-BDR-Online users who are authorized for the Federal Building Database by using the role "federal government" access to the functionalities of the FBDB.

This means that those users who are authorized are able to access the Address-BDR-Online to read and edit data on buildings and usage units of all federal buildings. In addition to the information of buildings and usage units in the Address-BDR-Online, further information for federal buildings can be recorded in the FBDB. The information is continuously entered into the FBDB by the responsible departments.

Last updated on 2022-11-07.
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