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Access and technical information

The FBDB is an integrated part of the Buildings and Dwellings Register. Access is therefore available directly via Address-BDR-Online and the portal network. I.e. authorized users can access via the user portal in which they are registered. The role and rights management take place in these portals.

Roles and Rights

The FBDB uses the rights and role system of the Address-BDR-Online, which has been extended to include group the "Federal government" for this purpose.

Information for the possible roles and rights can be found in the information for root portal operators.

Portal access

Information for authorized users

Users have to be registered in their user portal. The user administration is carried out by the respective user portal.

Information for portal operators

In order for a base portal to be allowed to access the Statistics Austria (STAT) application portal, the following information must be sent to in advance.

If the base portal certificate was not issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the base certificate must also be submitted.

All information for base portal operators on the Statistics Austria user portal and the application Address-BDR-Online is available via the portal.

Last updated on 2022-11-07.
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