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Data on buildings under construction

Municipalities and district authorities are obliged to continuously record construction measures of completely new buildings, demolitions as well as additions, extensions and reconstruction via the Address-BDR-Online in the Buildings and Dwellings Register (BDR).

To make this data available, a special package of data of BDR construction measures has been created. This package contains the number of approved and completed new constructions of entire buildings (including other structures, such as private garages, carports) by type of building. Furthermore, it contains the number of approved and completed new dwellings by living space. The data is provided for federal provinces, districts and municipalities.

Data evaluations on construction measures from the BDR are purely register evaluations, i.e., no statistical procedures (e.g., estimations of delayed registrations) are performed as it is done for the housing statistics.


BDR construction measures 2011 to 2022 (as of 1 June 2024)
Last updated on 2024-06-13.
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