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As part of their activities, the municipalities record changes to the address and building stock as well as construction measures via Address-BDR-Online. Thereby they make an important contribution to the continuous updating but also the quality of the data. The aim of the training measures is to train the users in the municipalities to facilitate the execution of the above-mentioned tasks.

Seminars on the ABDR

Information events on the Address, Buildings and Dwellings Register (ABDR) are held as part of the seminar program of administrative or municipal academies of the federal provinces. Participants receive background information on the various uses of the data and the importance of correct and complete data collection in the Address-BDR-Online. At the same time, complex data collection and data cleaning issues are addressed.

Training on the application “Address-BDR-Online“

Training courses on the use of the application are offered to administrative staff of municipalities and district authorities that record data in the Address-BDR-Online.


Test system of “Address-BDR-Online“

The test application (Address-BDR-Online Test) provides the possibility to become familiar with the application or try out application areas that are not frequently used.

The test application is a copy of the real application (Address-BDR-Online Production) and contains all functions as well as the complete data stock of the productive system. The only difference is that the changes made by the user do not have an effect on the real database and are not saved permanently. In the test application, changes can be made but the dataset of this system is overwritten with the live dataset at regular intervals.

The test application can be accessed via the portal network.

Last updated on 2022-11-16.
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