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Register-based labour market statistics

In years between the censuses, which take place only every 10 years and are conducted as a register-based census, register-based statistics on persons, families and households are published annually, for Oct. 31, as part of the Register-based Labour Market Statistics. In addition to employment, demographic characteristics, educational chararcteristics and information on commuters are available. 

Statistics Austria receives and processes fully pseudonymised datasets, according to section 6 (2) Register Census Act, from different register-keeping authorities. Thanks to the eGovernment Act, registers can be linked in absolute compliance with data protection. This is done using the branch-specific personal identification number for official statistics (bPIN OS), which is generated by the Data Protection Commission and does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons. Data linkage is therefore performed without names using the pseudonym bPIN OS.

A lot of attention is paid to data protection during data processing as well as for publication of the results. At the person level unique or rare combinations of characteristics could allow traceability to individual persons. To prevent individuals from identification, the results are treated with the "record swapping" method.

The reference date for the Register-based Labour Market Statistics is 31 October, it is conducted annually since 2008.

The Register-based Labour Market Statistics is based exclusively on administrative data. There is no survey of individuals. 

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