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Census of local units of employment

The Census of Local Units of Employment is part of the Register-based Census as well as the Population Census and the Housing Census. The Census of Local Units of Employment covers all Austrian workplaces, companies and their employees (self-employed and employees) and their economic affiliation.

Since 2011, the Census of Local Untis of Employment has been carried out as a register-based census, instead of a survey using questionnaires. These registers are the Business Register (BR) of Statistics Austria, the Company Register, the umbrella organization of the social insurance institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and the Central Trade Register and the Tax Information System. All local units of the profit-oriented sector, non-profit organizations and units of public administration and, since 2011, agricultural and forestry units are included.

The reference date for the Census of Local Units of Employment is 31 October, it is conducted annually since 2011.

The Census of Local Units of Employment is based exclusively on register data since 2011. There is no survey of companies or their workplaces.

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