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UHSTAT1 Survey when applying for a study or at the start of studies

In principle, applicants can take part in the UHSTAT1 survey at any time. However, for identification a number is required: If you do not have an Austrian social security number, please inquire at your university about your so-called substitute code (Ersatzkennzeichen).
The survey form UHSTAT1 must be completed only once per person. For each admission (registration or admission respectively), the respective university inquires at Statistics Austria whether UHSTAT1 has already been completed. If this is confirmed by Statistics Austria, a repeated completion of the survey form UHSTAT1 is not required. However, it is possible to fill in UHSTAT1 more than once. If there are several UHSTAT1-messages of one person, the most recent message applies. In this way, data can also be corrected.

The Survey UHStat1 is carried out by Statistics Austria on the basis of § 18/6 of the Education Documentation Act 2020 (Bildungsdokumentationsgesetz 2020) and §§ 26 and 27 of the regulation UHSBV.

University applicants (for both regular studies and extraordinary courses) of public universities, private universities, universities of applied sciences and university colleges of teacher education have to fill in the survey form UHSTAT1 (annex 14 of the UHSBV) on the occasion of admission or in the course of the binding registration for a suitability or admission procedure. Excepted are applicants who are admitted to mobility programs (for example ERASMUS+).

Labour market and education / UHSTAT1 Survey
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Last updated on 2024-03-11.
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