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Microcensus' additional questions on "internet use"

The questions on individuals’ „internet use” are additional questions being asked at the end of the microcensus survey on a voluntary basis.  The survey is carried out annually in each EU member state. In Austria respondents participate either online or per telephone interview following the microcensus survey.

In addition to general questions about individuals’ internet use, the survey includes questions regarding the purpose of individuals’ internet use, their online-shopping behaviour, their use of e-government services as well as other questions related to individuals’ internet use that vary from year to year.  

The survey provides the required data to track the transformation into a digital society. Thanks to standardised definitions and a standardised methodology results can be compared across the EU. The data provides an important basis for national as well as international decision-makers.

Austrian results are available in autumn of the respective survey year whereas EU-wide results are available at the end of the year.

Legal basis

The survey is commissioned by the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat) and on a national level by the Austrian federal ministry of finance (BMF). It is based on EU regulations that oblige EU member states to collect data about the ICT usage in households. 

Data protection

The data collected is treated strictly confidentially, as stipulated by the Federal Statistics Act 2000 and data protection laws. Names and addresses are only required for contact by interviewers. Personal information such as names and addresses are deleted from the data being analysed. Furthermore, analyses do not refer to individuals but only to groups of people. Therefore, individual answers are no longer identifiable in the results. Of course, data protection also entails that personal information must not be passed on – neither to authorities nor to enterprises. For further information please refer to our data protection information (available only in German).

Participation in the survey is voluntary. Each year a stratified random subsample is drawn from the mircoscensus survey's sample. Only individuals aged 16 to 74 years are being surveyed. 

The survey period typically stretches from April to July. 

Explanations regarding specific questions are included in the questionnaire. If anything remains unclear, you may contact Statistics Austria (see Contact).


The questionnaire includes questions about your personal internet use, such as the frequency of your internet use, the types of devices you used to access the internet, if you were active on social networks, read news online or shopped online.

Reporting option 

You received a letter inviting you to answer additional questions on your "internet use" on a voluntary basis but do not know what to do now?  The answer is simple: Nothing. 

At the end of your next microcensus survey, we will ask you to answer additional questions on your "internet use" on a voluntary basis. You can answer the questions directly following the microcensus survey - either online or per telephone interview.

Please note that the survey is not offered in English. If you need any help, you may contact Statistics Austria (see Contact).

Microcensus' additional questions on "internet use" Phone: +43 1 711 28-7700
Last updated on 2024-04-08.
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