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How we are today

The survey "How we are today" started in 2021 in ten EU countries, including Austria. Every three months, changes in living conditions, income and well-being of private households in the European Union are recorded.

The fast availability, accuracy and comparability of the data will help to identify the accompanying and subsequent effects of the COVID-19-pandemic on the population in a timely manner. In each country, 1 500 to 5 700 people are surveyed.

Main topics in the questionnaire are household income, household financial expenditures and obligations, getting by on income, payment difficulties, and life satisfaction. This provides information on living conditions of different groups and on social crisis consequences. These results are an important basis for social policy in Austria and in the EU.

The survey "How we are today" is not offered in English.

Current results can be found here

The basis for "How we are today" is an EU regulation (Regulation 2019/1700). This common basis makes it possible to compare the results in the various participating countries. The regulation obliges the Republic of Austria to provide data on the topic area of income and living conditions: In addition, this legal basis enables studies such as "How we are today" ("So geht`s uns heute") to continuously improve the statistics on the social situation.  On this basis, Eurostat can finance a large part of the costs incurred. National co-financing comes from the Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege und Konsumentenschutz  (BMSGPK).

Participation in the survey is not subject to any legal obligation to provide information and is therefore voluntary. However, a high level of participation is of great importance for the quality of the data.

What is asked?

The topics covered by the questionnaire are household income and changes in household income, financial expenses and obligations of the household, getting by on income, possible payment difficulties, life satisfaction in general and in its individual facets. In addition, background variables such as gender, age, education, occupation and household size as well as household composition are also surveyed.

"How we are today" is a survey that can be conducted online using a laptop, smartphone or computer. The people invited to participate receive personal access data (user name and password) with which they can log in to a secure portal.

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Last updated on 2023-09-08.
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