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Guarantees of central government extrabudgetary units

Statistics Austria conducts a survey concerning the guarantees of extrabudgetary units of central government. The legal basis is the Bundeshaftungsobergrenzengesetz (BGBl. I Nr. 149/2011). In the Bundeshaftungsobergrenzeverordnung, the pertaining decree, the units are being enumerated exhaustively.

Gesamte Rechtsvorschrift für Bundeshaftungsobergrenzengesetz

According to §3 clause 3 BHOG the extrabudgetary units of central gvt. have to transmit the outstanding amount of their guarantees by 31st of December previous year split by borrower to the federal agency “Statistik Austria”. This is defined in § 1 clause2 Z 2. The survey is taking place on an annual basis.

The questionnaire is being sent per e-mail to the respondents listed in the BHOG-VO beginning of december. Alternatively, the questionnaire can be downloaded on this site and returned to the functional e-mail address

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Last updated on 2023-02-15.
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