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Survey on wholesale price index

The wholesale price index is part of a comprehensive price index system that includes the producer price index, the import price index and the consumer price index and reflects price trends at the various stages of the economic process. The task of the wholesale price index (WPI) is to monitor the development of prices of goods sold by wholesalers. The survey area includes ÖCPA 2015 section 45 and 46 as far as referring to the wholesale trade. The price survey contains of 395 goods resulting from 550 wholesale companies, which currently report about 3 100 wholesale selling prices (excluding VAT) per month. The wholesale price index is used for a large number of commercial contracts and valorisations by public authorities as well as domestic and foreign companies.

Statistics Austria conducts the price surveys for the wholesale price index on the basis of the regulation of the Federal Minister of Economy, Family and Youth, the Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Federal Minister of Justice on the compilation of indices of price developments in the economy Federal Law Gazette II No. 147/2007, as amended by Federal Law Gazette II No 222/2015 of 13 August 2015.

All information and data we receive in the course of the survey for the wholesale price index are subject to confidentiality and are used exclusively for statistical purposes. For more information on the processing of personal data, please see:

According to Section 10 of the regulation on the compilation of indices of price developments in the Economy (Federal Law Gazette II No. 147/2007), companies are obliged to provide information.

The cut-off date for price reports is the 15th of each month, or on contracts concluded shortly before or after.

For data transmission to Statistics Austria, the electronic reporting option is available via the Statistics Austria portal.

Last updated on 2023-05-05.
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